Vegetable Spiral Hollow Drill

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Save your time in preparing meals with this Vegetable Spiral Hollow Drill! A perfect kitchen tool that can scoop or scrap multiple variety of  vegetables and fruits!
Convenient and efficient in making ingredients! Easy to grip and would not cut or hurt your fingers even when speed preparing your meal! This product comes in a revolutionary vegetable corer feature, can scoop the most hollow part of your fruit or vegetable, will surely not waste food!
Made with unique design and suitable for most vegetable and fruit such as cucumber, papaya, carrot, avocado, and more! Will make a great food presentation!

• Quick & easy
Saves your time in food preparation! Quick and easy, suited for beginners and fast cooking!
• Easy to use
Can be use in just a seconds! Simply stick the metal on the food, then twist or push the core to scoop or scrap perfectly!
• Ergonomic design
Has a non-slip handle, designed with an open processing tank to help remove the core from the food and discard it easily.
• Complete set
Comes in different sizes of the tip, can guarantee you convenience while cooking!
 core from the food and discard it easily.
• Widely applicable
Ideal for preparing fun multiple ingredients like potato, fruit, cheese, hotdog, and more!
• Delicious dishes
Will make your food presentation elegant, beautiful, and appetizing!
Material: ABS
• Product dimension:

• Vegetable Spiral Hollow Drill x 1pc