Stress-Relief Luminous Ceiling Sticky Ball

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The Perfect Luminous Stress-Relief Balls! These balls will shine in the dark room, can be freely thrown on the wall! Whether in search of stress relief toys or new fidget toys, our squishy balls are perfect!

Smooth, Squeeze, Stretch pull toss, Freely bounce and they will immediately return to their original shape. Luminous, Vivid and able to wait for the ball slowly fall off then catch it! Perfect toys for kids, adults or even pets!

Safe for kids and pets, and of course adults. Especially with ADD/ OCD, or high anxiety levels, these toys help promote a sense of calm, greatly reduce stress and increase focus.


  • Help You Relax
    Whether in search of stress relief toys, or relievers or a new fidget toy, our squishy balls are perfect! Simple but super stress relief!
  • Endless Fun
    These sticky balls can be thrown on wall, wait it to slowly fall off, then catch it. Help you relax and suitable for family or kids fun time! Perfect for parties, and suitable for pets.🐶🐱
  • Safe & Practical
    Made with 100& high-quality thermoplastic rubber, non-toxic, BPA free. Soft and will not hurt kids, adults and pets. It also strengthens emotional communication between parents and children.
  • Ideal Gift
    Simple but fun! Ideal for rehabilitation and physical therapy. These autism toys are also great for kids with ADD or ADHD, people with OCD or high stress or anxiety level.
  • Luminous & Vivid
    These balls are made with luminous and vivid colors which shine in the dark. Stretchy, soft and squishy! Made in good quality and not easy to tearing off.
  • Stick to Wall
    When you are confused, toss the ball at the ceiling and help you relax. The ceiling can be stuck for 3-20 seconds, and the ordinary white plaster wall can be stuck for 5-30 seconds.



  • Material: TPR
  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Color: Pink,Yellow, Green, Blue


    • Stress-Relief Luminous Ceiling Sticky Ball x 1
    • Stress-Relief Luminous Ceiling Sticky Ball x 4 (Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green)