Silicone Bath Body Brush

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🛁 Scrub & Clean 2-IN-1 Body Brush

Remove dead skin, stimulates blood circulation, makes your skin soft and smooth and allows you to have a deep cleansing and enjoy a comfortable bathing experience.

Environmentally friendly, resistance, safe and durable, can effectively exfoliate and massage the skin, improve the skin texture.

Enjoy the ultimate bathing experience feeling refreshed and cleaned now.


Deep Cleanse

Use this silicone brush to clean and scrub, clean pores remove dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin, make your skin smoother, and greatly reduce the survival of bacteria.

Rich Foam

Hundreds of soft bristles can create rich foams that makes scrubbing much more enjoyable and smooth.


Double-Sided Use

The front side of the sponge bath scrubber is applied to wash body, and the back side can be used for massaging especially for joints, promoting blood circulation, reducing your body fatigue. 

Suitable for Everyone

Children, elderly, men, women. For use on external parts of your body - arms, legs, chest, back, feet. Follow up with a rich lotion or cream. Keep your body healthy.

Food-Grade Organic Silicon Backplate

Foldable, well made, high temperature resistant, safe, and durable. Easy to clean and dry, and more sanitary than sponges.



  • Materials: Silicone, Sponge
  • Colors: Purple, Pink, Blue, Cyan


  • 1 x Silicone Bath Body Brush; or
  • 2 x Silicone Bath Body Brush