Shock Cancelling Silicone Sticker

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Best for softening cabinet doors from slamming, reducing noise in your home!

These Shock Cancelling Silicone Stickers are strong adhesive and widely applicable to stick on different surfaces, such as:  glass, plastic, ceramic, wood, etc.

Specially designed Double Buffer Circular Dot-shaped has a better buffer effect, which better reduce noise and better protect furniture!


  • Noise Dampening, Surface Protecting
    Not only help to reduce the noise caused by a closing cabinet door, but also prevents surface damage in some cases behind doors, drawers, picture frames, tables, and chairs. This Silicone Stickers also prevent damage to furniture.

  • Double Buffer
    The special double buffer circular dot-shaped has a better buffer effect, can better reduce noise and better protect furniture.

  • Transparent Design
    With thin and transparent design, Only 0.4-inch diameter x 0.2-inch height, these clear rubber bumpers will be nearly invisible once applied, and won't affect the aesthetics of the furniture.

  • Strong Self Adhesive
    Attached very sticky self- adhesive backing to ensure the pads stay in place. Not easy falling off or tearing off.
  • Widely Applicable
    Work best for softening cabinet doors from slamming, reducing noise in the home. And ideal to protect surfaces such as desks, banisters, cupboards, drawers and more.

  • Easy Installation
    Simple & Easy Installation with just one step to stick on desired area. No damage to walls, furnitures.
  • Premium Quality
    With high-quality silicone material, our bumper stickers more durable and softer than others in the market.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: 10mm*2mm (100pcs) or 13mm*5.5mm (50pcs)

Package Includes:

  • 10mm*2mm (100pcs) OR
  • 13mm*5.5mm (50pcs)