Resealable Food Clipper (4PCS)

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Reduce waste at home with this reusable, durable, creative quick resealable clipper! Perfectly design for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry items such sugar, salt, pepper, milk powder, starch, washing powder, liquid laundry detergent and more!
No more clattered package with its resealable feature. Easy to use, simply attach to hole of your bag, clip both side and done!
Completely air tight and water tight, won't touch and contaminate your the food and other items with dirt! Made of high quality polypropylene materials, environmental and safe.

•Seal the freshness
Food bag sealing clips seal is designed with a double gear bite method, which makes it better in sealing, not only keeps fresh, but also prevents cross-taste from each other, ensuring the original taste of food.
•Airtight & water weight
Perfect seal that ensures bag stays completely air tight & water tight and not touching the food!
• Well organized
This food clip will organize your clattered items at home like sugar, coffee, detergent soap, and more!
• Easy sealing
Simply stick to bag hole and seal on both sides!
• Widely applicable
Suitable for seal all kinds of food packaging bags like sugar, salt, jam, cheese sauce, oatmeal, milk powder, coffee and more!

Material Polypropylene(PP)
Size 13.7x5.2 cm
Color White
Package Includes 4 x Resealable Food Clipper