Retractable Cable Winder Organizer

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Arrange your cords in just FIVE seconds! An item that is portable and multifunctional that rolls up data cable and organizes charger, earphone, and other power cords.
Avoid tangled cords at home, studio, and other places! This cable winder will help you to sort out the long and turbulent cables and will save your time organizing annoying jumble cables.

This is an automatic and flexible item that instantly releases tangle and stores most types of cables with its measure of 72*52*28mm. Convenient and can be stored in your pocket, hand bag, backpack, or luggage.

• Automatic cord winder
Stores most standard-size earbuds, earphones, power cords and other cables in seconds.
• Easy to use
Will organize your cable cords by just pulling and releasing! This will help you to sort out the long and turbulent cable.
• Portable
Lightweight and compact design that makes it possible to be put in your pocket, handbag, backpack or carry-on luggage so it is always available when you need it.
• Multifunctional
Stores chargers, earphones, and other power cables!
• Retractable
The retractable reel will store and turn charging cables into freely extendable, saves space and keep the extra cord length invisible for perfect cable management.
• Quality
Designed of high quality PVC and ABS material. Durable and long tangle-free item!

Material PVC, ABS
Color Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow
Package Includes 1 x Portable Cable Winder Organizer