Instant Shoe Heel Straps

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No more annoying loose heels!
This Instant Shoe Heel Straps is detachable, which  a can easily fit in any type of heels!
Comes with a bunch of variety of colors that can easily fit in any type of heels. Complement the color and your desired fashion!

  • One Size Fits All
    Don't worry about the strap size, because it has elastic material on the band and the buckle. Freely stretch! Consists of 8 holes, our strap is longer than other market straps.
  • Slip No More!
    Perfect for heels which is a little too big, as they fit right over your shoes. No more slipping off while walking or dancing at a wedding or hosting an event.
  • Save Money & Expand Your Wardrobe
    Mix and match multiple designer styles to get that new look at a fraction of the cost. Toss them in your purse and you've got an outfit change on-the-go!
  • Works For All Shoes
    Reusable, removable and most of all, versatile. Built for virtually any and all models: platforms, pumps, low or high heels, mules, slides, flats, boots, booties and more!
  • Made To Size For Maximum Comfort
    Unlike competitors, Straplets are made-to-size to ensure a comfortable fit, maximum support, and even prevent blisters. See below description for our sizing guide!
  • Easy Usage
    Simply wrap around the back of the heel and buckle on the side! The strap can stay in place and hold very well.


  • Material: PU Leather
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Pink, Nude, Suede Black, Patent Black ,White, Transparent

Package Includes:

  • Instant Shoe Heel Straps x 1 Pair
  • Instant Shoe Heel Straps x 2 Pairs