Mini Sealing Machine

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Store your leftover foods, chips, snacks, fruits and so on with this instant mini-sealing machine! Will keep your food's freshness and crispiness!
Will reduce your waste food and say no more to clattered and rumpled snacks. Can be use in at home, picnic, travel, and more!
Made with comfortable design, can easily hold with one hand and will conveniently put your pocket or bag. An item for your everyday use!

• Airtight seal
Can reseal various food bags such as snacks, chips, cereal bags to keep the food freshness and flavor.
• Battery use
No electricity needed!
• Quick & convenient
Convenient, will seal your items in 5 seconds!
• Multifunction
Can seal your bag of fruits, vegetables, chips, snacks and more!
• Easy to use
Simply slide the sealing machine to the bag and done!
• High quality
Durably made with high quality ABS material, resistance to high and low temperature.

Material ABS
Color White, Pink, Blue
Package Includes 1 or 2 x Mini Sealing Machine