Folding Three-Stage Shoe Holder (Set of 4)

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Store shoes neatly while saving space!

Introducing the Folding Three-Stage Shoe Holder that stack two shoes on top of each other while keeping them in tip-top shape. Designed to provide you the best storage solution, these create an exact home for every shoe into any shelf or closet with easy access!The smart design allows you to adjust the right height to store most kinds of shoes from large sneakers to heels, sandals and flats. Smart design increases storage space and prevent shoes from getting deformed.


  • Store Shoes while Saving Space
    Flat double shoe rack at both upper and bottom sides store your shoes neatly without getting them deformed. Adjust to fit most shoes without worrying about any space wasted.
  • Height Adjustable
    It can be adjusted to 90 degrees to accommodate your shoes! Suitable for flats, slippers, sandals, sneakers, heels and more.
  • Keep Your Shoes in Shape
    Organize shoe neatly while protect them from getting damaged sitting on top of each other.
  • Super Easy Access
    Forget about finding your shoes from clutter, simply take the holder out in seconds!
  • Fit Most Kinds of Shoes
    Adjust the height to store most shoes in all sizes.
  • Durable Materials
    Made of premium ABS and sturdy PP, these can hold up to heavy pressure and perform long shelf life.


  • Materials: ABS
  • Size: 2.5cm x 21 cm (10cm unfolded)
  • Quantity: 4pcs/ Package


  • 4 x Folding Three-Stage Shoe Holder