Double Layered Rotatable Sink Organizer

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Keep your kitchen clean with this Double-Layered Sink Organizer, featuring the expandable body and fast-drainage design!

Free up your sink space without blocking the sink at all! The body is completely adjustable and extensible, fits sinks of any size.

Drain holes are evenly distributed at the bottom, facilitating faster drainage to keep sponges and brushes clean and dry!


  • Best Double-Layered Sink Organizer
    Large capacity that is perfect for keeping cleaning utensils, such as dishwashing detergent, sponge, ball brush, washcloth, etc. You can easily reach any tool you need. Elegant, space-saving and convenient for daily cleaning.
  • Adjustable & Fit All Sinks
    Fits ALL sinks with the adjustable, scalable body for easy extension. You can simply lay it on any size of sink.
  • Ventilated Drainage
    Drain holes design never let dirty water to accumulate in the rack, preventing the growth of bacteria. Keep your tools and sink area clean, dry and sanitary.
  • Separate Towel Rack
    Never keep your towels stay wet and close to each other. Hang & dry your towels separately to keep the cloth clean, ventilated and hygienic.
  • Easy Installation
    Easy to install, detach and wash. No tools required. You can add the part of towel rack according to your own need.


  • Material: PP Plastic
  • Color: Blue, Grey
  • Size: 9.5 x 10 x 19 cm

Package Includes:

  • Double Layered Rotatable Sink Organizer x 1