Water-Soluble Stitching Paper Set (Set of 5)

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Embroider your favorite patterns without wrong stitching!Water-Soluble Stitching Paper provides the easiest, fastest way for perfect embroidery. Simply draw or trace any patterns on the paper then stick it wherever you want to stitch, the paper will dissolve in water easily!Designed to speed up stitching time, it’s thin enough to see through so you can embroider the patterns onto it like a pro!No more mess of tearing off the draft, this water-soluble paper allows you to stitch without leaving any marks! Draw, Stitch, and Dissolve - It is ideal to work with cotton, linen, chiffons, wool, and most fabrics!


  • Water-Soluble Paper for Easy Stitching
    Easily stitch any patterns without worrying about leaving drafting marks! Simply draw any patterns on the paper then stick it wherever you want, the paper will dissolve in water easily!
  • Traceless Drafting
  • Speed Up Stitching Time
    The adhesive backing will stick the pattern securely on the fabric so you will never go wrong!
  • Perfect For Drawing / Tracing Patterns
    Besides drawing on the paper, you could simply print or trace patterns directly onto the semi-transparent sheet! 
  • Needle-Friendly
  • Eco-Friendly
    Could be fully dissolved in water without leaving any paper wastes.
  • Works Well with Most Fabrics


  • Material: Water-solublePVA fiber
  • Size of paper: 25 x 25 cm


  • 5 x Water-soluble Stitching Paper 
  • 1 x Pen