Car Net Card Pocket

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Place any common-used belonging near your hand sides! Our Car Net Card Pocket allows to put frequent-used stuff into the most convenient side!
Install to the place of most convenient and easy to reach like visor, near door handle, glove box, back of headrest etc.
No more messing around important belongings! Easy to find and able to place different irregular-shaped objects!


  • Convenient, No More Delay!
    Simple to put any common-used belonging near your hand sides, take your credit cards or wallet in car without delay!
  • Handy & Versatile
    Place your vital but small belongings like phones, wallet, keys, watches, glasses, coins, identity card, credit cards etc. Able to place irregular-shaped objects, avoiding from getting mess in car. 
  • Place Anywhere
    Easy install to the place of most convenient and easy to reach like visor, near door handle, glove box, back of headrest etc. 
  • Strong-Adhesive
    Designed with double-sided adhesive tape, which is strong viscidity and not easy to fall off. High elastic Nylon material is stretchable, durable for long-time using.
  • Easy Installation
    Just stick on flat surface and press to fix for few seconds. Transparent mesh design allows you to recognise stuffs easily.
  • Multi-Functional
    Not only apply in car, you can also use it on refrigerators, walls of bathroom, garages, gates, halls, motorbikes, bikes and more. 


SIZE (small) 15 x 8 cm
SIZE (large) 20 x 8 cm
MATERIAL Premium Plastic
PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 x Car Net Card Pocket