BrowPro™ 4-IN-1 Brow Contour Pen

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Get Stunning Ombré Brows
With this Multi-Tasking pen!

Defines, highlights and contours eyebrows with our revolutionary 4-in-1 contour pencil! It features a lighter brow shade, deeper brow shade, edge definer and arch highlighter to create perfectly clean, shaped brows with dimension!Effortlessly turn shapeless, sparse brows into defined, contoured brows in one minute! Buildable, Waterproof and available in 3 shades for a wide range of hair colors and skin tones!


  • Ombre Brows with A Pen!
  • Easy Brow Contouring
    Perfect for beginners, it gives you the easiest, fastest way to fill, define and contour eyebrows like a pro.
  • Long-Lasting, Waterproof
    The blendable, transfer-resistant formula will leave a naturally matte finish that lasts through the day.
  • Perfectly Shaped Border
    No more uneven eyebrows! The edge definer and arch highlighter will turn shapeless brows into defined brows in an instant!
  • Quick & Easy to Use
    Perfect for beginners to create good-looking brows, this kit will turn an 15 minutes-long filling-in process into seconds with even application.
  • 3 Shades for Selection


  1. Twist to choose the lighter shade to fill in the head of your brows
  2. Twist to the darker shade to fill in the body and tail of your brows for a natural ombre effect.
  3. Twist to edge definer to define your brows
  4. Twist to arch highlighter to add depth and dimension


  • Stamp Color: Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown


  • 1 x BrowPro™ 4-IN-1 Brow Contour Pen