Automatic Car Trunk Spring

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Free your hands, let your car trunk pop up automatically without lifting it up!Introducing the most convenient car trunk spring, easily place & hook it in your tail box with no hassle!Don’t worry if your hands are full and can’t open the trunk, because our spring will do it for you! This heavy-duty, durable metal spring will save your effort for years to come!


  • Open Car Trunk Automatically!
    This high-quality tight spring lets your trunk hood pops up when you open it!
  • Free Your Hands!
    Don’t worry if your hands are full, and can’t open the trunk anymore!
  • Easy to Install
    Just place & hook both sides in your car tail box! Perfect for any vehicle with no hydraulic support, which trunk hoods are manual to open
  • Innovative Spring Tool
    Compact, lightweight & hold up any heavy-duty trunk hood. No extra weight in your car
  • Durable, Longlasting
    Super convenient, last at least 10 years


  • 1 / 2 x Automatic Car Trunk Spring