Air Layering Plant Boxes (3PCS)

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Clone & Propagate Fast without Seeds!

Applying ancient air layering technique that promote root growth on branches, so you can replicate your favourite plants with 2X Faster & Stronger Propagation, even for hard-to-root plants.

Protect plants from extreme weather and helps absorb more nutrients, it keeps the cut stems growing in place with a high survival rate. Just cut and clip the box on the cut branch with soil and water, roots will grow automatically in days!

Works on both indoor and outdoor plants like roses, climbers, trees, fruit bushes, fruit trees, and hard to root plants like Magnolia and Camellias. Expand your garden effortlessly now!


  • 2X Faster & Stronger Cloning
    Replicate & Grow roots on branches without seed. Promotes accelerated & stronger root growth unlike typical propagation methods.
  • Easy To Use
    Duplicate hard-to-root plants by just cutting and wrapping the stem with this box! No seed and special care are needed, it encourages faster rooting with a higher survival rate!
  • Repair and Nourish Branches
    Creates the perfect environment for applying air layering technique to revive the cut stems 2X faster and stronger.
  • Protect Plants from Extreme Weather
    Securely fix your plants inside the globe to keep them safe from the typhoon, rainstorm, strong wind or snow.
  • Secure Locks For Strong Hold
    Comes with 4 locks that interlock each other to hold the plant firmly in place.
  • Smart Design for Branch Growth
    Designed with a water inlet that drains away excess water, the branches' thickness control helps to hold the plant in the proper direction and prevent over-weight of branches.


  • Material: PP
  • DiameterSmall-5cm, Medium-8cm, Large-12cm


  • 3pcs x Air Layering Plant Boxes