Car Space Organising Adhesive Pad

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A Must-Have Anti-Slip Mat To Organise &
Keep Your Sundries Within Sight!
Keep your sundries organise and easy to find. Provides safety to your mobile phones, keys, sunglasses, coins and your small gadgets. This anti-slip mat helps prevent it from sliding when you are driving that may cause accidents.
The pad is made of non-toxic high-quality PU PVC material, it will not melt when exposed to heat or sunlight. It's stretchable and flexible to conform with the shape it sticks on, washable and reusable.


  • Strong Adhesion
    Not easy to fall off. It adopts PU Nano innovative materials and condensed to make automobile anti-skid pads. Makes it more flexible while increasing the surface viscosity without fear of all kinds of intense driving and bumpy road conditions.
  • High Viscosity
    Not easy to fall off, you can stick it anywhere inside your car. Paste it on the back seat, storage or luggage box, center console, dashboard and etc.
  • Safe-driving Experience
    Sticky once you put it in the pad. Mobile phones, perfume holders, ornaments and other small items are all attached and will not fall off making you safe, stable and worry-free while driving.
  • High Temperature Resistance
    Sun protection, the pad will not melt when exposed to heat up 140 °C. Can withstand  heat due to sun exposure especially in summer.
    • Widely Applicable
      Its strong adsorption feature can hold your mobile phone, perfume, cigarettes, pen, coins, glasses and sundries. It will not slide even with strong motion or sudden brakes.
    • Durably Made + Non-Slip Design
      Made of high quality soft PU PVC material, it's stable and will not deform. Slightly convex surface has strong adhesion and large contact surface, the pattern make the bonding stronger.
    • Washable, Reusable
      Easy to clean, just wash off dirt in the mat with water and soap, rinse thoroughly. Air dry, the clean mat will restore its stickiness and ready again for use.


    • Material: PU PVC
    • Dimension: 19x12cm
    • Color: Black


    • 1 /2 /3 x Car Space Organising Adhesive Pad